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Boat maintenance services

Washing and cleaning

#boatcleaning #sailscleaning #awningcleaning
#boat maintenance #ongoingmantenace #preventivemaintenance 

It is known that to maintain things to last longer, you should regularly take preventative and ongoing measures.
UV rays are strong, and sea salt and water threats are making trouble to every part of the boat; we have the best solution for you!

We use a special detergent that is specifically intended for sailing and sailing equipment.


Our experts can wash all types of awnings, sun protection, sails, and internal/external surface of
the boat.


We also offer the service of regular visits, cleaning, and maintenance when the owner of the boat is absent.

Deep cleaning

#deepcleaning #boatdeepcleaning #cardeepcleaning

We provide deep cleaning for all kinds of textiles with eco supplies. 

Our main field is boats:

  • pillows/cushions             

  • beds/mattresses           

  • saloon                  

  • other cushions                  

  • carpets

We are also providing real estate and vehicle property services.

Vacuuming Couch

Storage and keeping

#sailsstoring #awningstoring #equipmentkeeping

we are offering storage for your reserve equipment in order to have as many spaces on your board, to have maximum and smooth enjoyed sailing.


A good example of such storage is a winter awning storing that is not required during the summer period when
staying on a boat, but of course, the other equipment too.

Under the equipment, we mean all awnings, sun protection, sails, rudders, covers, mattresses, beds, and beds for sunbathing.

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