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Sun protection products 

Bimini Top


Bimini top is an open-front canvas top for the boat cockpit. It is usually supported by an inox frame.


Most Biminis can be collapsed when not in use and raised back again if the shade or shelter is needed.


It is used mostly as sun protection and is available in various sizes and often custom-made, such tops are suitable for all types of cruising sailboats, multihull sailboats, motorboats, and yachts.



Our production is based on a newer design; with two fixed inox frames, a roll-up front window, and two sites with windows (or without).

Its advantage is that it gives more airflow through the cockpit and cabin on warm days while still providing shade over the companionway.

The new design makes it easy to sail with and allows winch manoeuvers, the passage of halyards and equipment.

Each sprayhood is unique to itself, the original handwork. The product is shaped by the type of boat and sailor who adds personalized accessories; like interior pockets.

Lazy Jack


Its main purpose is to protect the sail from weather and troubles, specifically from the sun and salt.


It is intended for full batten mainsail
They consist of a network of cordage that is rigged to a point on the mast and to a series of points on either side of the cover; these lines form a cradle that helps to guide the sail onto the cover which is fixed on the boom. When it is lowered, reducing the crew needed to secure the sail.


The length of the cover is supported by a batten, captured by a batten
pocket internally on each side and loaded from the forward edge, the top closing section has a zip on.

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